How many times have our films been watched?

Well to be honest we aren’t entirely sure, and here’s why.

Our view counts come from the following sources. Television, You-Tube, embedded links and the Canucks website.

Shortly after releasing our films on the internet, they aired on various television programs and networks, either in part or in entirety.
These shows and networks included Entertainment Tonight Canada, CBC National News, TSN, Sportsnet, Global and more.
We also had interviews featuring the films on Global, CTV, CBC radio, News1140 radio and more.
We’ll never fully know how many people saw or heard our films in these television and radio airings, but our data suggests up to 4 million viewers. Even if it was a portion of that it exceeded our expectations.

You-tube has view counts, but they are far from accurate.
As views from google searches and you-tube suggestions register in the hit count, sadly a small minority of embedded views register in these totals.
This is a known problem with You-Tube in the last year, and our data also tells us this is true. Others suggest that You-Tube only registers roughly 20% of all embedded views, and our external data would support at least this percentage.

This is unfortunate for us as our videos are embedded in hundreds of websites, including Huffington Post, CBS Sports and the Globe and Mail…but the biggest loss of hits comes from the embedded links in Facebook.

Facebook was the main advocate for getting our films seen, as they have been shared on Facebook over 70,000 times…which is slightly ridiculous but also amazing. That means each time this was shared on someone’s wall, it was watched by a certain number of their friends (10 friends? 50? 100? 250?). You-Tube’s data tells us it was viewed 18,000 times total from facebook…but it was SHARED 70,000 times so You-Tube lies like the devil. That means we’ll never truly know how many people viewed it on facebook, but obviously we’re ecstatic with the results.

You-Tube view counts currently total over 350,000 hits.
Our data for embedded hits within Facebook suggests a minimum of 700,000 more hits (roughly 10 views per shared video). This number could be 10-25x higher but we’ll never know. Oh You-Tube.
Other data we have from You-tube suggests that other websites’ embedded videos (Huffington Post, Globe and Mail…) add up to 300,000 additional view counts (based off of the 20% of the numbers You-Tube lists in embedded view counts).

The Vancouver Canucks featured our films predominantly on their website, which ruled.
We provided them a raw video file they could use in the arena for game showings, which they also uploaded directly to their site. This means none of the view counts from the Canucks website registered to our You-Tube view totals. That’s fine with us, as the videos received as lot of views and attention from their website. How many hits did we get from their website? We don’t know at this point hope to find out shortly.

Overall, who cares what the final numbers are, videos of cats wearing costumes get 10 million hits so we aren’t so great. As long as you liked our movies, that’s all that matters, and if you do, Johnny has a crush on you.

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