The Creative Process

My creative process is not conventional, and depends a lot on frequent changes and improvisation throughout all aspects of production. Read more…

Film Notes

Ideas, scenes and concepts explained for…

The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck

Our general philosophy for storytelling and visuals is that everything should have a purpose, symbolize something or suggest into the following shot. Here’s a few in practice from “The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck”.
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No hearts for Michael

Urban Rush likes Johnny’s tweet but poor Michael gets no hearts.

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How many times have our films been watched?

Well to be honest we aren’t entirely sure, and here’s why.
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Unbearably good

Thanks Harrison Mooney for this awesome article in the Vancouver Sun Sports Blog. Don’t know if you’ll ever read this but we’re a fan of your writing.

PS. Johnny thinks Aaron Rome looks like a member of his family too.


Thanks to Urban Rush for mentioning the “Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck”

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“The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck” is now featured on

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CTV Interview

Watch the CTV interview about “The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck”

Online article can also be seen here.
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Breakfast Television Clip

Watch “The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck” on Citytv’s Breakfast Television.
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Johnny Canuck is now on Twitter.


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