Johnny Shirts Sell Out

In 2016 we released Johnny Canuck shirts for sale in the Canucks team store in Rogers Arena. The first order sold out quickly, and we’re looking forward to working with the Canucks team store again next season with additional Johnny material and more.

Live Game Footage of Johnny Canuck & Legends of the Skate

Created for the intro ceremony of the return of the flying skate jerseys in Rogers Arena, this fantasied film falls in to the dreamscape of Johnny, and features a legendary cast including Kirk McLean, Dave Babych, Jrki Lumme and hockey hall of famer Jim Robson doing the narration. Check out the live footage in Rogers Arena.

Live game premiere footage of “Johnny Canuck vs The Bruin”

This footage is from the Vancouver Canucks game at Rogers Arena when they hosted the Boston Bruins on December 14th, 2013.

Moments after this film aired, Ryan Kesler and Jarome Iginla fought, followed by the first goal of the game giving the Canucks a 1-0 lead.

Live game premiere footage of “Johnny Canuck & the Russian Rocket”

This video features front row footage from Pavel Bure’s jersey and number retirement ceremony held of November 2nd, 2013, featuring the the Johnny Canuck Films movie, “JOHNNY CANUCK & THE RUSSIAN ROCKET”.

Pass it to Bulis is awesome

Thanks again to the great guys at PITB for their kind words.

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Johnny Canuck vs The Leaf

The Legend of Johnny Canuck 2 – Rogers Arena Premiere

The release of our latest film, “The Legend of Johnny Canuck-Part 2″, has been pretty cool, and quite different than our previous 4 releases.

This time our film had an official premiere, at the Canucks vs. Red-Wings game on March 16. It’s one thing to see your film on a jumbotron, but add about 15,000 people on a legendary night with the team wearing the Millionaires jersey, that be crazy! Ironically though, none of these were the personal highlight for me. It was being there, watching it all unfold with my little buddy Thane, the 5 year old “Little Johnny” who stars in the film. He’s the son of one of my oldest friends who also came to the game with us, along with my beautiful girlfriend Keiko Monique. Read more…

My oldest hockey memory

Character Guidelines

When I imagined this iconic character of Johnny Canuck and researched his 140 years of existence, I realized that his character didn’t have a whole lot of depth. Sure he was easy to grasp and likeable but beyond hard working and humble, his character was wide open.

From experience I’ve learned that all great characters have history, flaws, instincts and as a director or actor, they need rules. The following details some of the main laws we put in place for our simple Johnny Canuck character.
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Canucks Facebook Page Shares

Thanks to all who shared “The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck”.

It was shared almost 500 times from the Canucks Facebook page.

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