THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY CANUCK – Part 2 – Info & Credits

Johnny Canuck returns in “THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY CANUCK -Part 2″, the 5th short film in the MY NAME IS JOHNNY CANUCK series.

In this HD short film we flash back into Johnny Canuck’s oldest memory, to an outing with his father. On their journey, we discover the moment he finds his calling as a lumberjack, before discovering his destiny as a man.

A new character emerges in “The Millionaire”, as we follow his life story from having it all to being marooned of his riches.

The MY NAME IS JOHNNY CANUCK film series reinvented the historical Johnny Canuck character as a gritty and real personification of the 140 year old icon.

Director/Johnny Canuck/The Millionaire – Adam MacKay-Smith
Producer – Sonya Adloff

Little Johnny Canuck- Thane

Associate Producer
Stu MacKay-Smith

Assistant Producers
Dan Yano
Brett Horwood

“Heroes” by Alex Khaskin

The Millionaires- Steve Mitton, Kevin Phillips, Hayes Bishop, Dan Yano
Reporters- Jake Quilkey and Abby Horwood
Little Johnny Canuck’s voice- Kiyomi
Little Johnny Canuck’s stunt munchkin- Leif

Aerial Footage provided by Whistler Creek Productions

Brought to you by Coast Forest Products Association

Sue Parfitt and Yon Bergson
Bob Thomson
Quattro Bistro
Scott Arkwell
Winni MacKay-Smith
Suzanne Evans
Erica Blechingberg
Big Boot Inn
Jeff Mitton and Ric’s Grill
Brent Ecklund
Caffe Motivo
The Fireside Steakhouse and Bar
Christopher Daigle and Kerri Marie Gold
Jason Steensma
Derek Jory
and Susan Gagnon & Rick Jeffery of Coast Forest

This film is for our dads Peter MacKay-Smith & Ed Adloff. We miss you and hope you two are watching hockey together somewhere up there.