Johnny Canuck vs The Bruin – Info & Credits

This 60 second short film relives Johnny Canuck’s previous battles with the Bruin, and what he’s learned along the way.

The film premiered in front of a live and energized audience of 19,000+, when the Vancouver Canucks took on the Boston Bruins in Rogers Arena, Dec 14th. The movie was designed to get the crowd loud and engaged, and it did. The Canucks ended up winning the game 6-2.

The MY NAME IS JOHNNY CANUCK film series resurrected the historical Johnny Canuck character as a gritty and real personification of the 140 year old icon.

Director/Johnny Canuck – Adam MacKay-Smith
Producer – Sonya Adloff

“Fragments” by the mighty Thomas Vo Music

Additional Cinematography by Simon Hergott

Mikey Hall
Derek Jory
Jason Steensma
David Comuzzi

and toque knitter sensei Yasuko Adloff