No hearts for Michael

Urban Rush likes Johnny’s tweet but poor Michael gets no hearts.

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Unbearably good

Thanks Harrison Mooney for this awesome article in the Vancouver Sun Sports Blog. Don’t know if you’ll ever read this but we’re a fan of your writing.

PS. Johnny thinks Aaron Rome looks like a member of his family too.


Thanks to Urban Rush for mentioning the “Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck”

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“The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck” is now featured on

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CTV Interview

Watch the CTV interview about “The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck”

Online article can also be seen here.
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Breakfast Television Clip

Watch “The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck” on Citytv’s Breakfast Television.
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Johnny Canuck is now on Twitter.


“The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck”

The sequel to “My Name is Johnny Canuck” is now complete.

Johnny’s had a rough few months but he’s ready for redemption…
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New Johnny Canuck video coming soon

Part 2 – the sequel to “My Name is Johnny Canuck” will be posted next week.

Thank you all immensely for your support, and hope you enjoy the upcoming movie.

Rogers Arena – 2011 Stanley Cup Finals Game 5

The highlight of “My Name is Johnny Canuck” – screening on the jumbotron at Rogers Arena, game 5 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

Thanks Channer for filming it at the game and sharing it with us. Read more…